Money makes the world go round

Mathematics, English, social studies, science, and physical education – I recall learning these subjects in school but I don’t remember any lessons in the classroom covering […]

Improving your game #5 – value adding

How do you add value in your current role? How do you make life for your teammates and clients better? Have a think about it for […]

Improving your game #4 – leading by example

Are there any jobs or tasks which you believe to be beneath you? Are there any jobs or tasks which you would refuse to do on […]

Improving your game #3 – time management skills

I’ve heard a few different interviews where companies are asked what they look for when hiring new employees or promoting staff and often at or near […]

Improving your game #2 – speaking the same language

Public servants will be well aware when starting a new role that there are often quiet a number of unknown acronyms and unaccustomed terms which need […]

Proud moments #1

With COVID restrictions easing in certain states, some sporting events are slowly recommencing. One of these, is my eldest son’s football season. If you have read […]

Improving your game #1 – customer/client service skills

The services sector makes up the majority of Australia’s GDP so it is astounding to me whenever I see poor customer service in this country. I […]

A good deed a day keeps the blues at bay

One of my long standing practises is to perform at least one good deed each day. My only stipulation is the deed cannot be counted if […]

Growth vs fixed mindset

I first learned of the differences between a growth and fixed mindset approximately five years ago. I had long encountered people who weren’t open to different […]

Humbling moments #1

One of the most humbling events I have ever experienced took place in my teens. While I do not recommend parents subject their children to this […]


What vices do you have? What do you do that you know isn’t good for you but you do anyway? Many of us do things we […]

Go-to people

Who are the go-to people in your workplace? The people who if knowledge is sought or help is required then these people are usually the first […]


A win/win scenario is where parties involved in an engagement each receive a positive result from the exchange. An example of a win/win scenario is a […]

Familiar but different #2

Mum and bub came home yesterday. I had a couple of nights without the Captain onboard while she healed up in hospital. While I managed to […]

You don’t put butter in the fridge

In my early 20s, before becoming a father and long before Australia’s borders were closed to its own people, I was invited to go on a […]

Leadership qualities #2

For the second entry in our leadership qualities series I would like to talk about two managers I previously worked under who possessed very different leadership […]

Familiar but different

If you read my earlier post, you would have seen that my family and I welcomed another member to our tribe today. This is the sixth […]

Happy birthday to you

Today, Monday 6 July 2020, my household and I welcome the newest member to our family – Anaya Lisa Mele Redmond. Birthdays are an interesting celebration. […]

Don’t get a big head!

Whenever I’ve accomplished something of significance, or am working on something interesting or have made a recent notable purchase, I am usually rushing to tell my […]

Leadership qualities #1

I have worked under the direction of many great leaders. Unfortunately, like many reading this, I have also worked under the direction of some poor ones. […]

Chevrons and leadership

‘The chevrons on your epaulettes don’t make you a leader!’ That was the blunt advice given to me by a senior member of my team when […]

Coping with COVID

‘We are in unprecedented times’. That is the comment I often hear when listening to the news regarding the state of our economy or reasons why […]

Try hard

Do you remember your adolescent years and wanting to fit in? While never a popular kid, I was mindful of the social hierarchy in the schoolyard […]

My favourite day of the year

Today, I would like to tell you about my favourite day of this year thus far. It was Saturday a week ago. It was just another […]


Are you doing what you love? If not, why not? I speak with so many people who have desires to do or try an activity or […]

Changing of the guard

As my children get older, I am noticing a shift in our family dynamics. Our once authoritarian household – ‘put down that toy and get in […]

Lasting bonds and meaningful friendships

‘How many friends do you have Dad?‘ was the question recently asked of me by my eldest boy. ‘Not many’ was my response which wasn’t very […]

A clearer understanding

How do you learn a new skill? Do you read a book on the topic? Pull out your phone and google it? Maybe watch a YouTube […]

Our journey starts now

I am using this blog to record my daily thoughts. Topics will be on things I am currently learning, stories from my past and anything else […]

Practise makes perfect

I have often fantasised about being recognised as a great writer or having songs I’ve written be performed on the world stage by someone of note. […]